What we do

Another area in which COMPETITION ENGINEERING excels is in the research, planning and development of motorsports facilities and sanctioning bodies worldwide. From the company's earliest days when it was the racing arm of the Inskip-Wear Automotive holdings, the company and it’s staff worked overtime behind the scenes and sometimes directing the scenes of a particular project.


Some of motoracing’s favorite sons (and daughters) got their start, help or profited in some way from one of America ’s premier automobile family. The Sports Car Club of America, American Karting Associations, the National Hot Rod Association, and the International Motor Sports Association all benefited from input and support from the family and friends that make up the Inskip-Wear Automotive foundation.


This foundation has been used my many to build on since 1903 when Charles Wear opened an Oldsmobile dealership in Danvers, Massachusetts, and John S. Inskip operated the Rolls-Royce factory in Springfield, Massachusetts and Brewster Body Company in Long Island City, NY starting in 1920.


After the Second World War J.S. Inskip became a dealer/distributor of the favorite car of service men returning home from Europe , the MG. To promote the sales of the fragile little sports cars and give the gentlemen of the day a forum to discuss the sporting aspects of these cars and ones like it, a club was formed. The Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) was born. Soon after that, a race was proposed by Cameron Argetsinger to be held in upstate New York near Seneca Lake . But to become a full member in the SCCA you had to own a proper sports car. Inskip Motors sold Cameron an MG, the first ever SCCA race and Watkins Glen is born.


In 1952 J.S. Inskip opened a satellite operation in Providence, Rhode Island which sold cars imported or distributed by the Inskip Motor Company in New York City, New York . In 1954 the son-in-laws of J.S. Inskip decided to change the name of the competition department of Inskip Motors to COMPETITION ENGINEERING. Soon after a separate building was opened to specialize on racecar preparation and sports racing prototype development and testing.


All through the 1950s and 1960s the Inskip-Wear families proposed, promoted, designed, and help organize and build some of the earliest race tracks in the US . Many race tracks today benefited either directly or indirectly by the support they received from this automotive enthusiast family. This group has built, rebuilt or saved race tracks nationwide and continues this practice even today.


Since 1954, COMPETITION ENGINEERING still owned and operated by the same family that started it all, has done one thing; over engineered, over planned, over tested and over researched every area of the motorsports industry within which we compete. We study hard; we take time to learn how to play the game; then we spend twice the time and energy it takes to be competitive in any class:

Race Cars that Win Shows!

Show Cars that Win Races!

Tracks that Make Money!

Stay tuned as the next generation of MOTORSPORTS starts where the first one did at The Original COMPETITION ENGINEERING.


We will attend most Grand-American, Rolex and Grand Am Cup races this year, as well as various Kart Races such as "Stars of Tomorrow" presented by SNAP-ON events.


We also go to many NASA, ASRA, VARA, EMRA, and BMW Club Races, as that is where we look for new talent.


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