In 1970 COMPETITION ENGINEERING turned its attention to the growing sport of Drag Racing. Some of our customers included teams such as Sox & Martin, Don Nicholson, Ronnie Manchester, Richard Kimble, Anthony DeCarlo, Warren Johnson. And because of design innovations developed for use in drag racing just about everyone has benefited from the company's touch. As everywhere COMPETITION ENGINEERING set records, invented products and initiated new classes. The company has set standards by which all safety and traction devices produced today are judged. The company invented Pro-Street and became the largest manufacturer of quality, hard-core drag racing components in the United States by 1978 and worldwide by 1982.


With COMPETITION ENGINEERING’s entrance into the International Show Car Association competition, it created a new venue to showcase customer’s products and its own. Since 1972, the company has won every car show championship it entered with private customer vehicles and corporate sponsored displays. COMPETITION ENGINEERING has built or supplied custom cars and race cars for heads of state, movies, charities, TV shows, actors and actresses, large and small corporations and auto enthusiasts from all corners of society today.


In 1983 COMPETITION ENGINEERING sold its parts manufacturing facilities and returned to research, development, race prep services and consulting. Our quality of service is perfect for automakers interested in high profile racing marketplace as well as for private and corporate teams with an eye for perfection and public acceptance. COMPETITION ENGINEERING has been involved in almost all areas of motorsports from Go-Karts, to SCCA, NHRA, IHRA, IMSA, since their early beginnings.


COMPETITION ENGINEERING has quietly worked behind the scenes with many recognized giants in motorsports, preferring to maintain a silent partner arrangement within a given team structure to give that team an unfair advantage. This allows the company to work quickly and quietly within a sponsor’s budget to accomplish results not ordinarily possible with a team working under the competition’s scrutiny. The names of Drivers, Crew Chiefs, and Teams that have driven for, been clients of, sponsored, or just helped by the owners and staff of Competition Engineering are well known.

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